SOPHROLOGY – Frequently Asked Questions

Sophrology is the new kid on the block in mindfulness, meditation and therapy. But what does it do? Who uses it and for what? Welcome to the Sophrology FAQ’s! Here are the answers:

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What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a therapy method which combines body and mind exercises inspired by eastern practices and western techniques. It has similarities to Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and NLP.

How does Sophrology work?

It’s all about creating awareness. Relaxed movement exercises and visualizations help us become more aware physically, mentally and emotionally. This then enables us to reach our objectives whether they be amplifying our happiness or alleviating the negative.

Who is Sophrology for?

You, me, everyone! Getting to know ourselves better gives us the key to progress and that’s useful for everybody. The exercises are easy and not physically challenging. Therefore young and old can do them.

Where is Sophrology applied today?

It has a huge range of applications. Many people use it to reduce stress and find more calm and positivity. But we can also use it to increase confidence and prepare for events as diverse as giving birth, passing an exam or giving a speech in public. Many sportspeople use Sophrology to help them perform better. It also has medical applications. French doctors often use it to accompany treatments for illnesses such as tinnitus and cancer.

How is Sophrology practiced?

As a therapy tool trained Sophrologists use it to put individualised programs in place which focus on the patients’ needs. It is normally used as a brief therapy which takes around three months.

In a group it has more general goals like for example relaxation, building up confidence or energy.

And you can practice it alone at home with the help of our book “Your Daily Happiness Boost” or some other material and focus on your personal goal.


Exploring Sophrology means exploring you!

Give it a try and check out our free chapter on building up confidence!

We hope we provided all the answers you were looking for. If you have any more questions please let us know in the comments!

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