3 SOPHRO Exercises to Unwind and De-stress in any Situation

Stress can hit us in all areas of life. From performing the same tedious task over many years, to unsettling encounters with people at work, at home or just on the street, to worries about the future. We all feel like losing it from time to time. But before your stress runs amok, give these three Sophro exercises a chance!


This is a great exercise to manage stress that comes from anger and frustration. Your karate punch can be directed at the source of your stress.

Sophrology exercise: “Karate Kid”. Duration 3 min.

In this exercise we tense up all our muscles before relaxing them and letting go. Sometimes it’s better to just forget things that are not worth persuing. This is a visualisation which is done sitting down.

Sophrology exercise: “Breathe out the Negative”. Duration: 5 min.

This exercise encourages you to throw away your stress as far as you can. It’s a simple movement to help you create some much needed space for yourself.

Sophrology exercise: “Windmills”. Duration: 3 min.


You can basically use all of the above exercises for any stressful situation. Just set the intention that serves you best. Please don’t forget to assess where your stress comes from and see if you can eliminate it.

The exercises are always there for you when you need them. I personally prefer exercises that include movement since I find them more effective. But in the end, you will learn what suits you best!

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