5 Simple Ways Mindfulness Keeps You Sane Today

Will the world as we know it end? Will there be wars? Will we get through financially? Will we all be killed by viruses? Well, probably yes! At least at some point in the future one or more of those things might be our fate. But not yet!

Here are 5 simple ways to gain perspective and keep you sane:

Times are challenging on so many levels right now. After a global pandemic we have to adapt to new economic demands, get back on our feet and reevaluate our life choices. That is scary! We look at the news and there’s only more doom and gloom, economic-ally, ecologic-ally (and other -allys) and indeed things only seem to be getting worse.

Therapists all over the world are specialized in treating traumas that come from recent global and political events. Things like Brexit, treating the isolation of a lockdown, the fears of economic breakdown and well, death itself. It is easy right now to get lost in the insanity of the world. We are dealing with the challenges of a generation!

We have put together a few options on how to help us get through these crises and take away the pressure of worry, anger and fear. After all, nobody gains if we all panic, get depressed or worse!

5 Ways Mindfulness Helps You Stay Sane!

  1. Accept the things we cannot control, be mindful of the rest!

    We must take a step back and accept that we have very little control over the external situations that are making us angry, afraid and sad. It’s in this way that we let go. We like to have some control over the things that affect us. But for certain things we have to accept that our influence is virtually non-existent. All we can do is be mindful of who and what is right in front of us right now!

  2. Trust in our ability to adapt to the new!

    Change can also open up opportunities! Reflect on how you could change your situation for the better, even if it looks dire right now. There’s a misconception that being mindful means we never think about the future. Because we can mindfully plan ahead. This means being fully present as we make our plans.

  3. Go on a News and Social Media Detox!

    It has never been particularly good for our mental health to look at the news. And that is even more true now! Furthermore, it helps to remember that the news is not designed to be “good”. Quite on the contrary! So any lessening of the amount of news we consume is beneficial. It allows us to be more mindful of our present. Marlynn Wei writes that “The bookends of your day are critical times that set the tone for the day or a good night’s rest. Consider trying a 10-15 minute guided meditation instead of checking the news when you wake up and before bed. If you start your day in a good mood, it’s more likely that your mind will continue to pay more attention to positive information throughout the day.” So let’s take as much time off as possible. The news will still be there and just as horrible when we return!

  4. Encourage mindfulness by writing down the positive moments of your day!

    The good news is we are not dead yet! So, if we want, we can also collect the positive. Writing down the happy moments of each day, for example. These moments don’t have to be spectacular. Often the little things are what make our day. We can even save them and put them in a jar to look at them again some time later when we feel down.

  5. Do the «Body Bubble» exercise – Sophrology!

    From the many possible exercises from Sophrology, we decided to go with the «Body Bubble» for this post. It is often used to remind us that we are protected and that we have the ability to protect ourselves. It only takes 2 minutes and is super-effective!

Duration 2 minutes: Sophrology Exercise “Body Bubble”
Audio: “Body Bubble”


If there were ever times when it’s understandable to go insane, then it’s now! Many people are going through really rough times. Even the near future is unpredictable. Yet maybe sometimes crises remind us that we are not, and have never been, entirely in control of our situation. They have the ability to humble us and make us appreciate the little happy moments of every day of our lives. Maybe do a Sophrology exercise or two. And gain new trust in our abilities to use challenges for the better!

How did the Sophrology exercise work for you? Leave a comment!

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