About us

We are dedicated to helping you shine and succeed in your most authentic way!

Our Vision

We believe in creating meaningful change based on our individual experiences and personalities. With the help of the latest relevant research in Psychology and Sophrology as a therapy tool we hope to serve you in the best possible way.

Our story

Hi, We are Judy and Jon, writers and entrepreneurs devoted to helping you become your most authentic and happy self! XXX

“Like many people we were struggling with problems at work and in our personal lives. In our search for help we came across Sophrology, which turned out to be a strong positive force to deal with and overcome our daily challenges. Jon loved it so much that he became a qualified Sophrologist and professional therapist.

To pass on our passion we created an introduction for newcomers, Your Daily Happiness Boost and included other helpful tips and tricks we found along the way. Check out our chapter on confidence for free!

Plus, in our blog, we explore many complementary subjects and solutions which are close to our hearts. By doing so we hope to be of genuine service to you too.”

Your Daily Happiness Boost

Fun, light and guaranteed to improve your day! It helps you to be happier and master daily challenges with easy-to-do Sophrology exercises and tips from the latest research.

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